My Pain


After accepting ownership of your pain, one needs to be able to take control of the pain and explore solutions to promote pain relief. There are many options to consider when finding the right pain relief method that works for you, including traditional medicine and complementary treatments. The choices presented in this chapter will give you information on medical and lifestyle techniques and skills aimed at reducing stress and chronic pain. The exercises are designed to nurture body and mind. They are not intended to be specific to a particular condition or cause pain. Medical treatment, nutrition and exercise, and complementary interventions are designed to use in concert with each other.

Each one of us is an individual with specific needs, goals and choices. You can resolve how you will live, how you will become in touch with your body and how you will maintain your body. You will need to develop your own care plan with your team to fit your needs for personal healing, empowerment and responsibility. Be patient; try several options and combination of options; be aware that it may take weeks or months before realizing significant improvement. While you may not be able to change your pain, you can change your response to pain. Be realistic about how fast you can change, be less critical and more understanding of yourself when you are trying to make a change; learn how to support the process of change.

The techniques provided on this site are not meant to replace any pain treatments you already use. You should continue to work with your healthcare provider to address any physical health problems you are having, including pain. You should contact a medical professional if you have severe or unexplained pain to ensure there are no serious diseases causing your pain.