Center for Healthy Living

Living well is the result of achieving balance among the different areas of your life. CJE SeniorLife’s Center for Healthy Living can help you engage with life by improving your mind, spirit, and body.The Center for Healthy Living provides a wide range of services and programs to promote physical, spiritual, social, cultural, intellectual, emotional, vocational, and financial health among older adults and their families. 

Programs have been provided in the following categories:

  • Lifelong learning Classes and Workshops
  • Health and Wellness Education and Screenings
  • Retirement Planning and Benefits assistance
  • Volunteer Opportunities 
  •  Creativity and Self-expression Workshops 
  • Caregiver Education, Support and Resources

Please call 773.508.1073 to learn more about the Center for Healthy Living and receive a complete list of our programs and classes.